FHS Covid-19 Handbook


Intro and Purpose



The return of the Faculty of Health Sciences students to campus and clinical training sites in the current COVID-19 pandemic is the basis for this Handbook to provide both students and staff with relevant, current, applicable information as we re-integrate ourselves with the 2020 academic year.  

These guidelines are based on government, non-governmental organisations and university documents released by the NDoHET, NDoH, NICD, Higher Health and Wits University amongst others. The Handbook follows recommendations by the Wits COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan.  

The structure of the Handbook is purposeful, with “at a glance” content provided from the relevant sections of the national guidelines and recommendations followed by links to the full sources for further information.  


  1. FHS Online Student & Staff Handbook to give details to guide students and staff for day to day teaching & learning in times of COVID-19 
  2. Provide standard, universal message/content/guidelines “at finger tips” (Evidence Based on COVID-19) 
  3. Provide practical/applicable information for students and staff to adjust behaviour and day to day interactions and movements related to campus, classrooms, residence, clinical areas, transportation and other relevant areas 
  4. Provide specific guidelines for COVID-19 related actions – Screening, sanitising, social distancing, use of masks, testing, quarantine and self-isolation 
  5. Provide relevant academic and social support resources for students and staff during COVID-19 pandemic

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For any questions or explanations about information in this site, please contact your Course Coordinator for assistance. For any healthcare concerns, please contact or visit Campus Health, a public health facility or contact your health care provider. 

Emergency Contact Numbers:

  • Campus Health and Wellness Centre on Education Campus is 011 717 9113
  • Campus Health and Wellness Centre on Main Campus is 011 717 9111
  • NICD HOTLINE is 0800 029 999
  • Ambulance is 10177 from landline or 112 from mobile phone
  • Office of Student Success COVID-19 Care Line is 076 518 7499 (office hours)
  • Wits Student Crisis Line is 0800 111 331 (24 hours)