FHS Covid-19 Handbook



Wits Residence


Wits Residence Services welcomes you back to your residence. All Wits Residences are now open following cleaning and establishment of requirements set forth by Regulations. Some Wits Residence may reach the maximum 33% capacity of residence as set forth in the national guidelines. Therefore, some students may be relocated from their Wits residence to another near by Wits residence to keep within the 33% maximum capacity during Level 3 Lockdown. Arrangements will be made for students to collect personal items from their room to relocate to another room in an alternate residence. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with following the regulations.

Your return to the residence is primarily for study purposes, therefore stay and remain in your room unless you have approval to leave your room. #StayAtHome. Please follow the new rules to observe due to COVID-19:

  1. You will need to complete the Wits Logbox App Screening form to enter a Wits Residence, with a cleared message shown to Security.
  2. Wear your face cloth mask whenever you leave your rooms.
  3. Continually use hand sanitizers (60% alcohol or more), to be provided in easily accessible places like residence kitchens, bathrooms and along passages.
  4. Always observe the two metres social distancing, whether in public spaces, at laundry waiting for your turn, or the queue waiting for the bus.
  5. You are not permitted to receive any visitor in your room.
  6. No socializing is permitted at the residence for the duration of your stay.
  7. No gatherings, including meetings, group studying, etc. is permitted
  8. You will only be allowed to exit your residence for essential tasks, e.g. attend  course sessions, labs, clinical work, medical emergency, visiting shops for groceries.
  9. During level 3 students must report their movements to the residence management should they wish to leave the residence for any reason other than the ones mentioned above.
  10. Exercising will be allowed outside the residence parameters as per the Regulations under strict public health conditions.  
  11. No organized exercising will be allowed. You are encouraged to exercise individually.
  12. There will be no housekeeping services provided for individual rooms - only common and public areas will be cleaned. 
  13. Sanitising the surfaces of workstations, toilet handles, door handles, doorknobs, telephones, desk surfaces, common tools, keyboards to be carried out by the cleaning staff.  
  14. Common areas such as the TV lounge will not be open 
  15. Only one student can access the bathroom at any given time in residences where bathrooms are shared. 
  16. The laundry room will need to be booked on a schedule basis so as to limit the number of people accessing the space at one time 
  17. Only three students can use the kitchen at any time while maintaining a minimum social distance of 2 metres, based on the size of the kitchen, where kitchens are shared.
  18. Regular monitoring will be done by the site administrator.

For any queries related to Wits Residence, please contact basil.mugwena@wits.ac.za

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