FHS Covid-19 Handbook


Student Support

Resilience Training


"These are challenging times, which can play on our minds. Yet our minds are the most important tool we have to make choices and decisions for how we can cope" - Sieger, 2020

Resilience is the ability to deal with negative experiences and emotions, manage anxiety and make progress to achieve goals despite challenges and difficulties.

This is a very important skill, and especially for healthcare professionals who learn and work in extremely demanding environments with a heavy burden of responsibility.

The OSS has prepared a Resilience Workshop for you, which will be presented in 4 parts. In total, it should take you about 2 hours to work through all four the narrated presentations and complete the tasks/reflective exercises. Please make sure that you have a notepad or device handy while you work through the presentations in order to complete these exercises.

Remember that you can still access the OSS during this time for any online academic advising and counselling needs.